Lake Union Liveaboard Association needs every liveaboard, friends of liveaboards, contractors, service providers for the FOWR (Seattle Houseboat) and liveaboard community and all supporters to become members to promote and protect this iconic Seattle lifestyle.

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By Linda M, Bagley February 2016

I am frequently asked “why join LULA, or what can LULA offer me” and my response is and will always be ‘without the organization and hard work of Lake Union Liveaboard Association many liveaboards would not be in Seattle, or the liveaboard community would be drastically different than it is today.’

Proposed changes to the Seattle Shoreline Master Plan placed many houseboat owners in jeopardy of losing their homes and eliminating an iconic part of Seattle. New regulations promoted by LULA and enacted in 2014 protects houseboats in Washington from negative legislation. This would not have happened without the strength of the membership and hundreds of volunteer hours from the LULA board and its officers.

There will always be groups and organizations we will need to protect our houseboat liveaboard status and way of life from and we must remain a strong active community by becoming or remaining a member of LULA.

There are so many benefits of being or becoming a member of LULA. Remember, being or becoming a member is what you make it and as strong as the efforts you put into it. Do not sit comfortably aboard your FOWR and await the next time houseboats and liveaboards lifestyle is threatened.

I am proud to be the co-founder with Kevin Bagley of LULA. I thank and applaud the hard work and efforts of all the board members since 2009.

Being a member allows you or your company to advertise on LULA website, be a part of a community where you have a focal point to share concerns, ideas and come together as a group, get information, education and share resources.

LULA welcomes anyone interested in the protection of houseboat lifestyle to join.

Become a member today!

Thank you,

Linda M. Bagley

(206) 419-0065

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