LULA Houseboat Petition

Lake Union Liveaboard Association has created a petition to try to influence the City Council to protect that status of existing houseboats on Seattle Waters and to more clearly define standards for live-aboard vessels in the future.  Please print out the petition and have everyone you know sign and mail no later than October 10th, to:

John Chaney c/o
Nickerson Marina
1080 West Ewing Place
Seattle, WA 98119


Brian Sykes
2401 N. Northlake Way #15
Seattle, WA 98103

 Click here to open LULA Petition

Although a signed petition is preferred, if you are unable to print / sign and send back, please sign our petition online here and share with everyone you know. Post to your Facebook, twitter, linked in, etc. etc.



2 thoughts on “LULA Houseboat Petition

  1. I am a Live Aboard on Lake Union. I live on a Houseboat, not a Floating home. I want to protect the rights of all of us who do live aboard in what the City looks at as non-traditional vessels. These Houseboat vessel, used as residences, make NO MORE, and factually FAR LESS impact on the environment than traditional vessels (some of which are also used as live aboard vessels. These vessels are our Private Personal Property, and more importantly they are our HOMES.

  2. PLEASE consider the impact this all has on all the Seattle citizens who have so much invested in living on the water, and how this vibrant community adds to the flavor and the beauty of Seattle. Please reconsider carefully the proposals from LULA.

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