Board of Directors

The following are the current board members for LULA. Click on a name to send an email to that person.

Mauri Shuler
(206) 819-3819

John Chaney
Vice President
(206) 243-2966

Christy Kinnaird
(206) 859-8358

Toni Radonich
(206) 669-7270

Kevin Bagley
Board Member
(206) 915-3766

Linda Bagley
Board Member
(206) 419-0065

Bill Cirino
Board Member
(206) 290-6628

Sean Conner
Board Member
(206) 406-5987

John Geisheker
Board Member
(206) 465-6636

Lynne Reister
Board Member
(206) 841-6006

Keith Ross
Board Member
(253) 951-8561

Mike Sherlock
Board Member
(425) 359-5355

Brian Sykes
Board Member
(206) 595-7864

Bill Wehrenberg
Board Member
(206) 200-8636

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