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Clean Sweep Event – May 18th – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

We encourage EVERYONE who is a member of Lake Union Liveaboard Association to show you care about Lake Union by participating in the Annual Lake Union Clean Sweep!

We will want to take pictures to post on the website, so let’s show our commitment to a clean Lake Union by coming out in force!

Green Principles

As “Guardians of the Lake” it is our duty and responsibility to do everything we can to assure the best water quality. As we all know, we are very privileged to enjoy this lifestyle and we should all do our part to preserve and protect the waters of Lake Union & Ship Canal. This page is devoted to helping with that effort. (We welcome suggestions!) The following Best Management Practices are developed based on the Department of Ecology,

Best Management Practices

In order to preserve our precious Lake Union environment, Lake Union Liveaboard Association promotes the following Best Management Practices (BMP) for liveaboards.


LULA recommends cleaning only with phosphate, sulfate, and chlorine free cleaners and strongly recommends using products made from plant based materials, rather than petroleum or natural gas derived products. Whenever possible clean using only water. If you need to use cleaning products, here are our recommendations.


Painting should be done in dry dock whenever possible.

Fuels and Petroleum Product

Bilge pumping

Gray Water Management

Black Water Management


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