About - Lake Union Liveaboard Association

About Lake Union Liveaboard Association (LULA)

Formed in 2009, Lake Union Liveaboard Association was created to promote and protect the liveaboard community on Lake Union and Ship Canal, from Ballard Locks to Union Bay. Lake union is comprised of houseboat/house barge owners, liveaboards on recreational vessels, vendors and craftsman in the maritime industry, as well as interested parties.

The Lake Union/Ship Canal liveaboard community is unique in the world, combining an urban lifestyle with a water community feel. This is a close-knit community that shares the love of the Lake and a strong devotion to protecting the environment and living small. Although an exact count does not exist, estimates indicate approximately 185 Floating On-Water Residences exist in Seattle Waters, and the number of liveaboards on other vessels is uncertain, but probably numbers in the hundreds.

LULA has been politically active and has worked proactively to improve regulations and protect the liveaboard community. In addition, LULA has been a forerunner in providing education regarding floating on-water residences and an informational dissemination point in the liveaboard community.