“Guardians Of The Lake”

Lake Union Liveaboard Association
Lake Union Environment, from the Locks to Lake Washington


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To protect the Lake Union environment through;

  • active participation in cleanup programs
  • education and dissemination of environmental stewardship concepts
  • creation and use of live-aboard Best Management Practices

To support and protect the live-aboard lifestyle through;

  • increased public awareness and education
  • improving public perception of the live-aboard lifestyle
  • positive political action and community involvement

Lake Union Liveaboard Association is dedicated to protecting Seattle waters and is frequently involved in environmental cleanups, green boating activities, and public awareness. Our community is deeply concerned about our waters (it is the reason we are here!) and our commitment to keeping our waters clean and green is second to none. 

We frequently protect the waters, save lives, and protect property. Our proposals relating to living on the water are sound, reasonable, and in the best interests of the liveaboard community, Seattle waters, and the Seattle lifestyle. We support all styles of vessels.



5 thoughts on ““Guardians Of The Lake”

  1. Living and working on Lake Union is a fundamental legacy and a living link to the
    cities vibrant and diverse cultural mosaic.

  2. I live on a recently-purchased houseboat on Lake Union. The interpretations of these regulations are completely unfair and arbitrary and constitute “taking”. I appeal to the City Council to make at least some attempt to be fair and equitable and act according to accepted practices when making these rulings and interpretations.

  3. Just a quick comment. I have been thinking about the last meeting before the City Council (12/12/12). Thanks to those who spoke up at the meeting. Next time, please do not defer…there is no way for the city council members to know what your opinion is on the issue at hand. Also, I heard several people speak to the notion that there are a handful of houseboats which are the true targets of the DPD and that the DPD should therefore leave the rest of us alone. I held that opinion for a bit, too. However, I have come to the realization that this is not in our best interests as a group. First, it is not fair – Mike Sherlock built all of his houseboats to the specifications which the governing bodies made available at the time he built them and he has ample evidence of that. Secondly, we should not fool ourselves into believing that once Mike and the others are “taken care of” by DPD, we will be left alone. Folks – the DPD has proven time and again that they not trustworthy. We are in their cross-hairs. And lastly, when one takes the long view, it is impossible not to realize that this vendetta against houseboats (now we are also called “shanty”boats) is irrational, arbitrary, vindictive, and a waste of public money. The DPD are our employees – let’s start acting like the ones who put the paychecks in the envelopes! Until this is resolved in a fair and rational way, we are all Mike Sherlock. Please keep sending your cards and letters to the City Council.

  4. Department of Planning and Development was tasked by Department of Ecology with limiting the total number of liveaboards on the lake, NOT by attacking the minuscule number of vessels not shaped like DPD prefers. The attack on houseboat style vessels has been a very personal mission of a few staff members of DPD and now must be decided on by the City Council. The City Council needs to go back to DPD and tell them to do their job. Address the liveaboards and write intelligible rules going forward to address shape if this is seriously their issue.

    No current owner of a houseboat “skirted the rules”, in fact the followed the rules as they were written, paid sales tax of 9.5% and pay annual re licensing fees. They pay horrendous insurance fees and hefty marina slip and liveaboard fees. This is a win-win situation for marinas who have seasonal boaters and contrary to what DPD says, marinas are not full and need the income from houseboats to maintain expenses.

    Houseboat people are amazing and have endured so many politics to live on the water, contribute to the local economy and support protecting Seattle waters. Many liveaboard part time, either weekends or during the work week to avoid long work commutes. Other make life aboard their home and have made huge investments in their homes.

    City Council members we ask that you do the right thing and address the real issue, which is not houseboats or the shape of a vessel.

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